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Creating Custom Interiors: 3 Tips From Maui’s Redecorating Pros August 19, 2016

Lahaina, Maui
Creating Custom Interiors: 3 Tips From Maui’s Redecorating Pros, Lahaina, Hawaii

In the fall, many kids head off to college, leaving parents with an empty room. Creating custom interiors for your new space is easy with the help of a redecorating pro like Lahaina Carpet and Interiors in Lahaina, HI. Serving the entire island of Maui, these redecorating experts have expert insight on how you can turn your “empty nest” into your new favorite room in the house.

Read on for three tips on creating custom interiors:

  1. custom interiorAssess Your Space: The first step in figuring out how to make the most of your new space means finding out how much you have to work with! Whether you plan to transform the room into an extra bedroom or a leisure space, taking measurements can help you decide what furniture to get. 
  2. Decide On Colors & Patterns: Carpets, drapes, and furnishing fabrics are all easier to choose once you’ve decided on a color scheme for your new room. Creating beautiful custom interiors requires some sense of cohesion, so you’ll want to choose complementary shades. After years of a teenager occupying the space, you’ll probably want to repaint the walls. That will give you the chance to establish an entirely new color scheme.
  3. Don’t Forget The Details: Once you have the basics like painting and furniture established, you can turn your attention to the fun details. From quirky lamps to beautiful carpets, a custom interior design is all about the details. A furnishings store will have plenty of items to inspire you.

If you need ideas for creating a custom interior, let the professionals at Lahaina Carpet and Interiors help you. These experts have all the tools you need to remodel your room—and they’ll be happy to share the tricks of the trade with you. Visit their website or call their Maui location at (808) 661-4268 to find out more.


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