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Louisville's Top Steel Supplier Explains 3 Ways Steel Channel Is Used September 6, 2016

Okolona, Central Jefferson
Louisville's Top Steel Supplier Explains 3 Ways Steel Channel Is Used, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

Steel suppliers need versatile products to keep their clients happy. One such product is steel channel, which you can find available at American Metal Supply Co., a steel supplier serving Louisville, KY. 

Steel channel is shaped like a squared-off C when viewed from the side. Some types feature lips that make their structure more rigid, and others have perforations that make them suitable for bolting. Steel channel is lighter and more flexible than many other steel products, and it owes much of its versatility to this fact.

Here are three ways in which steel channel is commonly used:

  • Wall Construction: Walls in metal structures such as garages, warehouses, and workshops need a structural component to bear the vertical load, and steel channel fills this role. It's used much the way studs are in conventional wood framing, but it is able to support greater weight than studs and offers more rigidity. The only drawback is that steel channel is harder to install than studs are since it calls for welding and bolting.
  • Roof Construction: Steel channel is used as rafters for light-duty roofs and supports the roof deck by extending from the eaves to the ridge. Steel channel is lighter than wood rafters, yet it's still able to support similar levels of weight. It's also stronger and more durable than wood, and it's not subject to threats such as rot, moisture, or fungal decay.    
  • Louisville-KY-Steel-SupplierVehicle Frames: Steel suppliers say heavy-duty steel channel is a popular choice for the construction of a vehicle's frame rails, and these typically extend from the front of the vehicle to its rear. Cross members and braces are often built using lighter types of steel channel. This material provides strength and rigidity, along with a certain degree of flexibility. 

American Metal Supply Co. is a steel supplier that handles all kinds of metal processing needs. Their warehouse features a broad range of inventory, including options such as steel channel and aluminum sheets. Call (502) 634-4321 to speak with a representative, or learn more by visiting these Louisville metal suppliers online.

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