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Flowable Fill: A Primer From Connecticut’s Leading Material Supply Company August 24, 2016

Meriden, New Haven County
Flowable Fill: A Primer From Connecticut’s Leading Material Supply Company, Meriden, Connecticut

When it comes to ready-mix concrete products, asphalt, and crushed stone, few companies have as much expertise as The L. Suzio York Hill Companies of Meriden, CT. They’ve been serving South Central Connecticut for over 100 years, and because of their lengthy history in the material supply industry, the team is particularly excited about the possibilities of flowable fill. For a number of reasons, flowable fill should be considered a superior alternative to compacted, borrowed fill.  

But what exactly is flowable fill, and how is it better than other types? This local material supply company is here to shed some light:

  • Bedding & Backfill: Flowable fill is relatively versatile and can be employed as bedding and backfill for utility trenches, retaining walls, paving subbase, and in bridge construction. It’s also excellent for use in abandoned tanks, basement, tunnels, mines, and sewers, among other underground structures.
  • Cost Effectiveness: What truly sets this material apart from other types of fill is that it can help keep the costs of projects down. How so? It’s easier to handle, non-settling, quick drying, and requires less personnel to handle — reducing the amount of time required to work with it. Jobs involving flowable fill are also completed faster and more efficiently.
  • material supplyPerformance & Safety Benefits: Material supply experts also note that flowable fill eclipses its counterparts in terms of performance and safety. It’s self-leveling and non-segregating, so it’s much easier to use and apply. In addition, it’s tougher than most other backfill materials. Furthermore, it’s safer because workers do not have to actually enter a trench to apply it, reducing the risk of cave-ins.

Clearly, flowable fill from The L. Suzio York Hill Companies could be just what your construction project needs, and this material supply company is ready to get it to you and your team. To learn more about flowable fill and other products sold and distributed by the company, check them out online or call (203) 237-8421 today. You can also catch up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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