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NYC's Academy Records Lists The Five Rarest Records of All Time July 24, 2014

West Village, Manhattan
NYC's Academy Records Lists The Five Rarest Records of All Time, Manhattan, New York

Academy Records, voted by Rolling Stone as one of the best retail record stores in the U.S., buys your old vinyl records in all genres; from rock and soul to jazz, folk and disco. This record store is always eager to offer new albums and with an ever expanding library, have compiled a list of some of the most valuable records on the market.

And while Academy Records may not have these exact finds on that stands, they thought it’d be nice to take a look at how the other half lives. Here are the top five rarest LP’s on the market:

  • Sonny Clark Cool Struttin' (1958) A highly sought-after Blue Note release with "47 W 63rd" text on both sides. Near mint is valued at $2,000 - $3,000
  • David Bowie Time / The Prettiest Star (1973) [Single] The value here is for the extremely rare picture sleeve on the US edition of this Bowie 45. Mint is valued at $2,000 - $5,000
  • Dark Round the Edges (1972) This progressive rock album from the early 1970s was limited to only 50 copies. Value: $3,500 - $7,500
  • Stormy Weather / Sleepy Cowboy (1952) [Single] Only three known copies of this doo-wop number are in circulation. Value: $10,000 - $20,000
  • Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [withdrawn version] (1963) Incredibly rare version of the US stereo version features four songs left off all subsequent releases ("Rocks and Gravel," "Let Me Die in My Footsteps," "Gamblin' Willie's Dead Man's Hand," and "Talkin' John Birch Blues"). Value: $20,000 - $30,000

So, if you've got one of the above, make sure to bring it down to Academy Records - they'll be happy to take it off your hands for you! If not, then be sure to make it down to this diverse record shop to check out the current selection.