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Carpet Cleaners Break Down Spot Removal Steps August 23, 2016

Kalifornsky, Kenai Peninsula
Carpet Cleaners Break Down Spot Removal Steps, Kalifornsky, Alaska

Everyone has spilled food r drinks on the carpet at some point. Even the professional carpet cleaners at Mizera’s Steamway in Kenai, AK, have had it happened in their own homes. What’s important, though, is that the next time you spill, you know how to get rid of any spots quickly to prevent staining. 

Below, the local carpet cleaners share the process of effective spot removal:

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  • Move Fast: Many modern carpets are “stain-resistant,” meaning if you clean quick enough, you can avoid stains. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of staining.
  • Blot: Do not scrub liquids on a carpet as it’ll only spread stains. Blot the mess using a white, absorbent towel. Scrape up semi-solids with a spoon and vacuum up all solid materials.
  • Test Cleaner: Make sure your cleaning agent won’t damage your carpet by testing it on a small, discreet area. Hold a cloth there for 10 seconds to see if you notice any color loss or damage to your carpet.
  • Start From Edges: Spray a cleaning agent onto a cloth and start cleaning the spill from the outside, working toward the center. This will prevent the spill from spreading.
  • Repeat & Wait: Spot removal takes time and you’ll probably have to repeat blotting in most areas. Once the spot has been removed, rinse it with cold water and blot it dry with a fresh cloth. 

If you have a mess you can’t handle on your own, contact the carpet cleaners at Mizera’s Steamway of Kenai, AK. Visit their website or facebook to learn about all of their carpet cleaning services. If you have questions about home rug cleaning, call them at (907) 283-3229.

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