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Windshield Repair: When Is it Illegal to Drive With a Cracked Windshield? September 14, 2016

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Windshield Repair: When Is it Illegal to Drive With a Cracked Windshield?, Cincinnati, Ohio

From stray rocks to on-road collisions, there are a lot of things that can ding, scratch, or crack your windshield. And while some cracks may seem small and negligible at first, they can often continue to grow, blocking visibility or even breaking completely—putting everyone’s safety at risk. In addition to these dangers, GlassPro, Inc.—a leader in windshield repair in Cincinnati, OH—reminds motorists that broken windshields may also violate the law.

The point where a windshield crack becomes illegal varies from state to state. For drivers in Ohio, there are no specific designations for what size or severity of a crack makes it illegal. However, you can be ticketed by a police officer if the windshield:

  • windshield repair Cincinnati OHEndangers The Public: In general, all vehicles must be safe enough to not endanger those in the car and those on the road. So, if a windshield crack impairs the driver’s vision, it could be considered a violation.
  • Impairs Functionality: All parts of a car need to operate safely to be considered street legal. If a crack doesn’t allow your windshield to function—such as by letting in moisture—it’s likely you’ll need windshield repair. Similarly, if multiple cracks lower the effectiveness of the windshield wipers, officers could see it as a hazard.
  • Doesn’t Meet The Officer’s Discretion: While there is no standard set of rules as to what makes a windshield crack illegal, police officers can use their discretion to make this call. If they find it to be illegal, they may let the driver off with a citation that requires windshield repairs. But sometimes, drivers can receive fines up to $150 in Ohio.

If you have a crack or chip in your auto glass, keep your car legal by getting professional windshield repair. The team at GlassPro, Inc. is made up of premier specialists in auto glass repair and windshield replacement who work with all makes and models. Call today at (513) 874-6559 to schedule windshield repair or replacement in Cincinnati, or visit the website to see a full list of their glasswork services.

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