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3 Reasons Why Oil Changes are Crucial for Your Car's Performance August 23, 2016

Kalispell, Flathead
3 Reasons Why Oil Changes are Crucial for Your Car's Performance, Kalispell, Montana

Certain practices are especially important when giving your car the best possible care. One of the most fundamental tasks is an oil change. To make sure you’re doing it correctly, it’s smart to work with a reliable car center like Kalispell Alignment & Auto Repair, which has been the top auto repair shop in Flathead County, MT, for over 25 years. Whether you need an engine replacement or a standard tuneup, their professionals will make sure your car is in top form the next time you hit the road. 

The general rule of thumb is to get an oil change every three months or 3,000 miles. Kalispell Alignment & Auto Repair offers three reasons why it’s important to follow through: 

  • Friction: Motor oil loses its effectiveness over time as it becomes adulterated with dirt and other detritus. When it no longer can perform its task of lubricating the engine and other parts, these components begin to rub against each other, causing them to wear down and become damaged. 
  • Kalispell-MT-oil-changeCarbon Production: When the motor oil isn’t replaced according to schedule, it allows for the creation of carbon deposits or sludge. This not only will require a thorough cleaning, but also has the potential to cause engine parts to malfunction.
  • Better Ride: In addition to protecting your engine’s condition and longevity, a timely motor oil change also ensures it will work in peak form. When it’s optimally lubricated, you will experience a smoother ride. As a bonus, you even will get better gas mileage because your engine will work more efficiently. 

The next time you need an oil change, head to Kalispell Alignment & Auto Repair to have their professionals give your vehicle a proper tuneup. To schedule an appointment, call (406) 755-0234. Visit the shop’s website to learn more about their many services

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