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5 Ways a New Entry Door Adds Security to Your Home August 26, 2016

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5 Ways a New Entry Door Adds Security to Your Home, Green, Ohio

Keeping your home secure is a priority for ensuring the safety of your family and belongings inside. One of the best ways to protect your property is by installing an entry door with certain features to keep intruders out. Cincinnati’s Murphy Home Improvement explains five ways a new entry door will add security and peace of mind to your life.

Here are five ways to make your doors more secure:

  • Doors With A Solid Core: When choosing your entry door, select one with a solid core. These are the most secure doors available because they are difficult to break or kick in. Solid doors will also not echo like a hollow door when you knock on them. Replace your hollow doors with solid core doors made from metal, fiberglass, solid wood, or solid wood core.
  • Reinforce Door Locks: Make sure any existing locks are reinforced by adding elements like cylinder guards and solid strike plates. Cylinder guards prevent anyone from prying locks loose, and strike plates surrounding where deadbolts enter a door frame make it much harder for doors to be kicked in. If you don’t have a deadbolt, install one—specifically, an “exit-only” deadbolt. These don’t have an exterior keyhole and can only be accessed from inside.
  • entry doorsWide-Angle Peepholes: Peepholes are a perfect tool to have on your entry door so you can check who’s knocking before opening the door. Wide-angle peepholes also increase your line of vision to see if the knocker is alone or if they are hiding a weapon or another criminal. 
  • Make All Entry Doors Secure: Don’t just focus on the front door—all entry doors should follow the same set of security measures. Back doors and side doors should also have deadbolts. For sliding patio doors, install key locks at the top and bottom. You can also fit metal rods into the slider’s track, preventing the doors from sliding to open when locked in place.
  • Outdoor Lights: For extra security, make sure porch lights are installed and working around your entry doors. Motion detector lights are also useful, as they will turn on automatically if someone is lurking on your property.

For your next exterior home improvement project or repair, Murphy Home Improvement has offered remodeling and renovation services for the Cincinnati area for more than 30 years. From windows to doors to roofing, this fully insured remodeling company prides themselves on skilled technicians and high quality products, and guarantees customer satisfaction with every project. Visit their website to view their list of services and view their project gallery, or call (513) 922-8989 today.

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