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Three Surprising Facts About Vinyl Records You Probably Didn't Know September 25, 2013

Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Three Surprising Facts About Vinyl Records You Probably Didn't Know, Brooklyn, New York

Vinyl records have exploded into mainstream culture with surprising popularity and enthusiasm. When collectors seek out the most eclectic inventory of new and used vinyl records, they head to Academy Records Annex for the latest contemporary album releases as well as classic favorites. The inventory at Academy Records Annex includes a wide selection of albums; everything from rare jazz pressings to punk, rock, and indie.

With so many expanding their collections, many may not know the humble beginnings or evolution of vinyl albums. Academy Records Annex digs deep and unearths some interesting facts about vinyl record:

  • The Origin of Vinyl Records can be Traced to 19th Century France: In 1857 French scientist Leon Scott developed the ‘phonoautograph’ which used a vibrating diaphragm to record sound waves on paper. The initial intention was for a visual analysis but it laid the foundation for the gramophone.
  • There IS a Difference in Sound Between Black and Colored Vinyl: While colored vinyl is extremely collectable, there is an actual sonic difference between them and normal black vinyl. Clear and colored discs attain more pops and degrade faster when played.
  • The Largest Record Collection on File Featured More Than 1 Million LPs: Paul Mawhinney is believed to possess the largest record collection in the world, featuring over 1.5 million.

Expand your music collection with new and used vinyl records at Academy Records Annex. Browse classic albums as well as new releases from your favorite bands. Sell your used vinyl, search for a rare press, or pick up a new release today. 

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