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3 Benefits of Installing a Tankless Water Heater in Dayton August 22, 2016

Walnut Hills, Dayton
3 Benefits of Installing a Tankless Water Heater in Dayton, Dayton, Ohio

Keeping up with the hot water demands of your busy household is no easy task, but switching to a tankless water heater may be the answer to your hot water issues. More and more, homeowners are beginning to realize the advantages that tankless water heaters have over traditional models, and DTS Plumbing in Dayton, OH, is a plumbing contractor that specializes in water heater installation.

Here are three reasons why installing a tankless water heater with DTS Plumbing will benefit you and your family:

  • Savings: Water heaters are notoriously known for being expensive and wasteful, but with a tankless water heater, you could save up to 40% on your monthly utility bills. Instead of running constantly, they heat water instantly, and therefore, only need to be activated when you need hot water. This saves both money and the environment.
  • tankless water heaterConvenience: There’s a reason why no one wants to be last in line for the shower. Traditional water heaters work by heating up one tank of water at a time. Once that tank is used up, you’ll have to either wait or endure cold water while the next tanks worth of water is heated. With a tankless water heater, you don’t have this problem and will enjoy instant and infinite hot water.
  • Longevity: When you install a traditional water heater, you can expect it to last eight to 12 years before you need to go through the whole replacement process all over again. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, last up to 20 years, and many come with extended warranties. You’ll earn peace of mind for at least the next two decades, and you’ll also save money.

DTS Plumbing is equipped with both the tools and experience needed to make replacing your old and outdated water heater a simple and stress-free process. By hiring them to install a tankless water heater, you’ll benefit from extra savings and improved convenience. Call them today at (937) 256-4387, or visit their website for more information.

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