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Mark's Bookkeeping Service: Why You Should Get a Bookkeeper Before Filing Your Corporate Taxes March 8, 2013

Flatiron District, Manhattan
Mark's Bookkeeping Service: Why You Should Get a Bookkeeper Before Filing Your Corporate Taxes, Manhattan, New York

For small business owners, filing taxes can become even more confusing when the in-house bookkeeping is out of order. To save yourself money and time, make sure that you are up-to-date with accurate recording from Mark's Bookkeeping Service.

Why Do I Need a Bookkeeper?

Your business creates a number of transactions; per day, per month, & per year. Without accurate financial recording, those numbers can get lost in translation and result in a little meeting with the IRS after filing inaccurate tax forms. To make sure this doesn't happen, bookeepers can manage everything from business transactions to cash flow by accurately recording both profits and losses.

Save time and money. It's actually much more cost-effective to outsource your bookkeeping instead of spending tedious hours trying to sort through all your transactions yourself. Professional bookkeepers can also make the life of a business owner much more efficient and hassle-free, so you have much more time to devote towards other areas of your business. Reality is, consulting a bookkeeping firm like Mark's Bookkeeping Service will actually help your bottom line.

Get accurate recording in preparation for filing taxes. Bookeeping can be done on your premises. Expert bookkeepers can help you clean up your existing reporting and install new systems or work with your own supporting program including: Peachtree, PC-Law, Juris, QuickBooks, MYOB, Moneyworks, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Netsuite, and other accounting programs. Bookkeeping services from Mark's will work with your CPA to assure he or she is able to provide the best tax planning based on accurate bookkeeping and reporting.

Quick and easy access to paperwork. In the unlikely event that you are audited, or ever need proof-of-purchase, you'll want quick access to all your documents and receipts. Having your books in order makes it easier to produce documentation whenever you are in need.

In the midst of tax season, you should be sure that you have everything in order by seeking help and advice from a professional bookkeeper before you file. Contact Mark's Bookkeeping Service and get 40% off on QuicksBooks Enterprise v13 today.

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