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Methods at Sun 7 Chiropractic Used to Treat Musculoskeletal Pain June 28, 2017

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Methods at Sun 7 Chiropractic Used to Treat Musculoskeletal  Pain, Fairbanks, Alaska

When dealing with neck or back pain, relief can seem impossibly distant. That's why understanding the benefits of chiropractic treatment is so important. If you've never tried it before, you probably have an abundance of questions about the field itself and the methods of treatment, so Sun 7 Chiropractic of Fairbanks, AK, is here to illustrate how they can help. 

Sun 7 has been providing residents in Fairbanks and North Pole with the most reliable chiropractic care for over 30 years, and their highly effective methods include:  

  • back painSpinal/Joint Manipulation: The most common treatments for neck pain, back pain, and other related afflictions are spinal and joint manipulation. As Sun 7 describes it, the purpose of chiropractic manipulative treatment, or CMT, is to "restore function and balance to the affected areas of the musculoskeletal system." It's likely the first thing you think of when chiropractors come to mind, and the ultimate goal is to return joint functions to their normal state. 
  • Fascial Distortion Model: FDM is named as such because it's a model rather than a technique and involves viewing all soft tissue injuries or musculoskeletal complaints through one or more of the six types of alterations to the body's connective tissues. This combines with the patient's own descriptions and the results of relevant tests to determine the proper treatment. 
  • Therapeutic Modalities: There are a few treatments contained within this category, each of which can serve as an effective therapeutic exercise technique. Examples of therapeutic modalities include traction, short wave diathermy, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, and electrical muscle stimulation, with the goal of reducing muscle spasms, restoring joint mobility, increasing blood flow to injured tissues, and reducing joint swelling and pain. 

If you're experiencing neck and back pain, don't give up hope, because relief is still within reach. For more information on how Dr. Tewson at Sun 7 Chiropractic can help, visit them online, and give them a call at (907) 456-3302.

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