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How to Establish Bookkeeping for a New Business or Startup in NYC May 1, 2013

Flatiron District, Manhattan
How to Establish Bookkeeping for a New Business or Startup in NYC, Manhattan, New York

So you've finally made the decision to start a new business. Great! However, in the midst of all the things you should probably get accomplished as a small business or startup owner, it'll likely be exhausting and time consuming to spend hours crunching all the numbers.

To keep your budget together, accurately record all of your expenses and stay up-to-date, easily manage your business effectively right from the start with Mark's Bookkeeping Services.

For years, MBS has faithfully provided the best bookkeeping services for New York businesses, not for profit organizations and individuals. This helps small-to-medium sized businesses and thriving startups focus more of their time and energy on bringing in new business without having to worry about keeping up with their books themselves.

Mark's Bookkeeping Services can handle the setup and day-to-day bookkeeping needs for your business or startup while also providing pertinent financial reporting for investment advisors. This also helps startups work towards funding goals as MBS collaboratively works with your financial advisors to provide reports and the recordkeeping needed for Seed Capitalization.

Here's how the process works:

Mark's Bookkeeping Service works with a number of reputable accountants and can recommend an accountant if you are in need of one. MBS also works with these accountants to establish an accurate system of recording and reporting that aligns with your businesses goals.

Bookkeepers at MBS are QuickBooks and Excel professionals who utilize a wide range of programs to create complete support systems for recording at maintenance of your important financial information. By outsourcing your bookkeeping needs with Mark's Bookkeeping Services, you can finally get back to managing the most important matters when it comes to your business and watching it grow!

So leave it up to the MBS and a team of expert bookkeepers to readily design, implement and maintain bookkeeping systems tailor-made for any business and industry. To try bookkeeping services with Mark's Bookkeeping Services, sign up for a FREE consultation!