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Are You a Not-For-Profit? Manage Your Organization's Finances With Mark's Bookkeeping Services August 14, 2013

Flatiron District, Manhattan
Are You a Not-For-Profit? Manage Your Organization's Finances With Mark's Bookkeeping Services, Manhattan, New York

Not-For-Profit (NFP) organizations are great! They play an integral role in society when it comes to giving back to the community and what it means to help others. Yet just like any other company or organization, NFP's need their bookkeeping managed as well.

Donations, grants, expenses and budgets often get pretty confusing the larger the organization gets. The best way to ensure that your Not-For-Profit is completely operational and all your books are maintained is with the help of Mark's Bookkeeping Services (MBS). Whether you're the executive director of a large NFP or a startup organization looking to manage your bookkeeping in a convenient and hassle-free way, an accounting firm will help you!

With discounted rates on bookkeeping services for Not-For-Profits, Mark's Bookkeeping Services bookkeepers will cater to the special needs of your organization. Expert bookkeepers will track your ratios for breaking down program and administrative expenses. The accounting firm will also make sure that your chart of accounts is setup, making it easier to prepare your 990 or 1042-S for your CPA to file. The team of bookkeepers will work with you and your CPA to ensure that your yearly audit runs smoothly, without having to worry about messy books and financial reports getting in the way.

Currently the accounting firm offers support for programs including:

  • Donor Perfect
  • FundEZ
  • Juris
  • MAS90
  • MoneyWorks
  • QuickBooks Not For profit
  • And all Accounting Programs

In addition to services offered, MBS matches donations of its' employees to approved 501C3 charities. To discover how bookkeeping for Not-For-Profits will help you, contact Mark's Bookkeeping Services by scheduling a FREE consultation. 

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