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Overcome the Pain of Arthritis With Innovative Medical Supplies August 22, 2016

Richmond, Madison
Overcome the Pain of Arthritis With Innovative Medical Supplies, Richmond, Kentucky

Anyone who lives with arthritis will tell you it can be a real pain, literally. Chronic arthritis severely impacts your quality of life and everyday activities most people don’t think twice about can become challenging. EZ Care Medical, an online medical supplies store based in Richmond, KY, understands this and offers innovative solutions to make living with arthritis a little easier.  

imageArthritis can be affected by various factors, and it’s not unusual for people with arthritis to experience different levels of pain and discomfort during certain activities. Some people with arthritis don’t have any problem walking or standing but find typing on a computer to be quite painful. Other people with arthritis have issues kneeling or climbing stairs but don’t find their hands quite as affected. Those with rheumatoid arthritis even report changes in their conditions based on the weather and the barometric pressure.

Understanding the way arthritis affects different people is important if you want to find tools to help you live life to the fullest. According to the home medical supplies experts at EZ Care Medical, most people with arthritis find assistive devices and pain relief are the most helpful for their daily lives. One of the most popular products EZ Care Medical sells is Imak Arthritis Gloves, which were recently recognized by the Arthritis Foundation for their ease of use. By providing mild compression and warmth, Imak Arthritis Gloves increase circulation and control swelling. EZ Care Medical also sells compression stockings and arm wraps, which work using the same technology, and people with arthritis swear by them.

imageAnother favorite of people with arthritis is EZ Care Medical’s topical Biofreeze with Illex Pain-Relieving Gel. It comes in a gel and roll-on and can easily be applied at home whenever the pain from arthritis becomes overwhelming. The best thing about topical pain relievers and compression products is that they can be used at the will of the person without concerns about dosages or tolerance. If someone with arthritis is having a good day and they don’t feel pain, they don’t have to use anything, but if they need a little help getting through their daily tasks, they can reach for their compression gloves or topical pain cream. 

If you want to explore all of your options for managing arthritis-related pain, shop at EZ Care Medical online or call (859) 626-8957.

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