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3 Ways to Prepare for a Laugh-Producing Open-Mic Night August 22, 2016

Upper West Side, Manhattan
3 Ways to Prepare for a Laugh-Producing Open-Mic Night , Manhattan, New York

Performing a stand-up routine at an open-mic night can be thrilling and daunting, even for those who have been doing it for years. Stand Up NY, a comedy club on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, has hosted some of the best comedians in the business, and each has their own way of preparing for a show. However, there are some common methods to ensure a performance is well-received.

Here are three tips to prepare for an open-mic night:

  • Write & Rehearse: If you are new to stand-up comedy, it’s best to write down your material and rehearse it often. You don’t have to memorize it word for word, but you should have a solid idea of how your jokes flow. As you grow as a comedian, you will develop the skill to work in new bits while on stage, but this is not a great idea for a beginner. Rehearse out loud and change any words that are difficult to pronounce or sound odd.
  • open-mic-new-york-cityReorganize: Find out as soon as possible how much time you will have to perform, and rearrange your routine to include your best material. Organize your material to avoid a lull — don’t just start strong and end strong. Alternate your best jokes with those less sure to get laughs so your audience is entertained throughout.
  • Stretch & Hydrate: There are many methods of dealing with stage fright, but one tends to pop up frequently: Drink water and do some stretching exercises to stay energized. However, many comedians avoid drinking or eating before an open-mic night because it makes them feel sluggish, so find the right balance.

If you are a comedian looking for a comedy club with a great open-mic night, check out Stand Up NY. Call them at (212) 595-0850 or visit them online to learn more about participating in one of their comedy line-ups. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date about upcoming performances.