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Test Prep Experts Explain the Revised SAT Reading & Writing Score August 29, 2016

Alpharetta, Fulton
Test Prep Experts Explain the Revised SAT Reading & Writing Score, Alpharetta, Georgia

If your student is preparing to face the challenges of the rSAT, you might be wondering about the new scoring system that was introduced this year. In recent years, tests have been scored on a 2400-point scale, but, for 2016, the rSAT has returned to the 1600-point scale by incorporating the reading and writing sections into a single, 800-point component now called “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.”

Peach State Tutoring & Test Prep in Alpharetta, Georgia, explains the new system.

What Goes Into The Evidence-based Reading & Writing Score?

Combined Reading & Writing

As stated, the scoring system for the revised SAT combines reading and writing scores to create an even 800/800 balance between math and verbal skills scores. Until 2016, students who excelled at language skills had the opportunity to earn 800 points each for reading and writing. Balance being the apparent theme, under the new rules, reading and writing scores each effectively make up precisely half of the total verbal skills score.

Evidence is the Key

SATCommand of evidence is such a crucial factor of success in this section that the framers of the test have incorporated it into the title. Test-takers should be prepared not only to find the correct answer but also to be able to explain how they arrived at it. In the reading section, students may be asked to identify which lines of a passage serve as the best evidence for their given answer, and in the writing section, students may be asked to justify decisions to revise certain passages.

Command of Language Remains Central

In spite of these changes, the verbal section of the test is still primarily designed to test general command of the English language. This means being able to judge words in context, interpret data presented verbally, and navigate passages in a variety of formats. A student who is an avid reader will have some built-in advantages in this section.

While there is still no direct substitute for being well-read, professional test prep services can help to develop your child’s verbal skills to give them the best chance to succeed on the rSAT or the ACT. Peach State Tutoring & Test Prep, which serves Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, Cumming, Duluth, Norcross, Suwanee, and Alpharetta, even offers a free “rSAT vs. ACT” assessment to all clients to give you an idea of which test will give your student the most advantageous score.

To put your student in the best position to succeed on the rSAT or ACT, call Peach State Tutoring & Test Prep today at (678) 824-6890 or visit their website for more information.

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