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New York Immigration Attorney Explains the Benefits of Adjustment of Status August 19, 2016

Corona, Queens
New York Immigration Attorney Explains the Benefits of Adjustment of Status, Queens, New York

If you are a non-citizen currently living in the United States on a temporary visa, you may want to apply for an adjustment of your status to become a permanent resident. As with most aspects of immigration law, determining eligibility for this process can be complex, and you will likely want to consult an immigration attorney to complete your application. Neal Richardson Datta, an experienced attorney based in New York City with expertise in entertainment immigration law, explains why you might want to seek adjustment of status.

Benefits Of Adjustment Of Immigration Status


By attaining permanent resident status, you can assure yourself of the ability to travel to other countries freely without fear of being refused reentry to the United States. Especially for entertainers who may benefit from being able to travel internationally for work, this can be a tremendous advantage.

Unbounded Stay

Alien residents living in the United States whose status has been adjusted to permanent resident need no longer periodically reapply for an extension of their stay or risk deportation. If your work seems likely to keep you in the United States indefinitely, adjustment of status can save you headaches by concretely settling your immigration status over the long term.

Other Benefits

Immigration AttorneyPermanent residents in the United States enjoy other benefits which can range from the educational—lower tuition at colleges and eligibility for financial aid—to the economic—eligibility to work or create a corporation—or even access to Social Security benefits after a long enough period of residence in the United States.

If you are in the United States legally on a temporary visa and you believe an adjustment of status would benefit you, talk to an experienced immigration attorney to find out more about preparing your application. In New York, contact Neil Richardson Datta at (212) 358-9690 to schedule an appointment, or visit the immigration attorney’s website for more information.