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3 Little-Known Facts About Applying for Disability Benefits August 19, 2016

Puyallup, Pierce
3 Little-Known Facts About Applying for Disability Benefits, Puyallup, Washington

Interacting with the Social Security Administration can be extremely frustrating, especially when the financial pressures of a severe and permanent disability continue adding up. Many people whose applications are denied may even give up, thinking they'll never receive the benefits they deserve.

Rose Law Offices, a law firm with offices in both Honolulu and Puyallup, would like to clear up the confusion by sharing some little-known facts about claiming your Social Security Disability benefits.

If you're applying for disability benefits, you may be surprised to find:

  • The Program Is Not Means-Tested: This is a common misconception, which confuses Social Security Disability with Supplemental Security Income, leading some to believe disability benefits are only for low-income workers. In fact, whether you receive disability benefits depends on your medical condition, not on your financial situation.
  • disability benefitsYou Don't Have To Apply Immediately: Many people tend to file for their disability benefits long after their initial diagnosis. You don't have to worry about raising red flags, as the Social Security Administration understands many conditions are progressive and may not interfere with your ability to work for many years.
  • Many Applications Are Approved On Appeal: The complexity of the process and of the SSA's rules determining eligibility cause most applications to be denied when they're first submitted. Fortunately, a skilled Social Security attorney can help you navigate the appeals process, prepare your documentation, and get you the disability benefits you need.

When you've been injured or can no longer work due to an illness, the Rose Law Offices can help guide you through the difficult and intimidating Social Security Disability process. Visit the website to learn more about the wide range of services available, as well as the compassionate, dedicated client support. For a consultation to discuss your case today, call (808) 534-1999 for the Honolulu location, or call (253) 864-0383 for the Puyallup location.

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