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3 Easy Ways to Conserve Pool Water August 22, 2016

Butler, Morris County
3 Easy Ways to Conserve Pool Water, Butler, New Jersey

As the summer grows hotter and hotter, time spent with your swimming pool is increasingly valuable. With all the use your inground pool is getting, it's important to continue to keep water conservation in mind, and that's why Metro Pools of Butler, New Jersey, is here with a few helpful tips. With over 20 years of experience in pool installation, design, and renovation, Metro Pools will keep you cool while helping to ease any concerns you may have about wasting water in the process. 

Conserving water with your inground pool is actually much easier than you might think. Here are three ways you can save pool water this summer: 

  • Regularly Clean The Pool & Filters: Keeping your pool clean should be a regular habit, and it's crucial to keep your filter in mind, as well. If your filter is dirty, it will undo all your hard work cleaning, and it will force you to backwash the filter. Backwashing is a major waste of both pool water and chemicals. Proper filter maintenance will conserve a great deal of water on its own. 
  • Swimming PoolCheck For Leaks & Cracks: Even a small crack will eventually lead to a substantial loss of water. It's worth regularly checking the swimming pool, equipment pad, and other areas for leaks and cracks to stave off larger problems down the line.
  • Use Your Pool Cover: Using a swimming pool cover is the best way to avoid having to refill your pool more often than necessary. When your pool isn't in use, put the cover on to reduce the evaporation rate, ultimately keeping water levels more consistent and saving money on chemicals. 

Follow these three tips and your remaining summer months in the pool will be much less wasteful. If you want to install or renovate an inground pool, contact the experts at Metro Pools by calling (973) 492-7665 today. You can also head to their website for testimonials, a portfolio, and more information about designing a premium swimming pool. 

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