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Essential Elements of a Healing & Personal Funeral Service August 19, 2016

Cheviot, Cheviot
 Essential Elements of a Healing & Personal Funeral Service, Cheviot, Ohio

Planning a funeral service is emotionally exhausting, but Rebold Funeral Home & Crematory is dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible for their Cincinnati, OH, area clients. To make the funeral planning process easier, these experts explain the different elements of a funeral service. By delineating the aspects that make a memorial respectful and personally meaningful, Rebold Funeral Home & Crematory eliminates the guesswork from funeral planning. 

5 Essential Elements Of A Funeral Service

1. Expression Through Art

One of the best ways to make a funeral service feel personal and truly reflective of your lost loved one is to include meaningful music as people arrive at the funeral ceremony. Reading passages from your loved one’s favorite writers and displaying personal pictures and artwork is also a caring touch.

2. Eulogy & Ceremony

funeral servicesThe eulogy and ceremony part of a funeral are easy to personalize. The eulogy is typically written by someone who knew the person very well, and it’s meant to be a genuine expression of who they were. The ceremony can vary widely based on family preferences, cultural traditions, and religious beliefs. 

3. Giving

Funeral services provide people who are grieving with an outlet for their pain and a chance for closure. Allowing guests to bring or send flowers or gifts is a way to memorialize those who they have lost. The act of paying homage to deceased loved ones is a time-honored human tradition, and today flowers are the most common way to do that.

4. Procession 

Funeral processions are a common part of a funeral service. Families and friends follow the hearse to the burial site in their cars, giving them a chance to collect themselves, reflect, and share time with close family members. 

5. Gathering

After the procession and burial, it’s common for the attendants of the funeral to gather for a reception. Funeral receptions can be as extravagant or casual as you would like. Some families rent out large banquet halls and have a catered affair while others gather at home and enjoy a potluck dinner. 

There is no one way to honor the life of someone who has passed on, as each unique life deserves a special funeral service. To learn more about planning personal and respectful funeral arrangements, call Rebold Funeral Home & Crematory in Cincinnati at (513) 389-1800 or visit them online for more information.