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3 Signs That Indicate Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Necessary August 17, 2016

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3 Signs That Indicate Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Necessary, Elyria, Ohio

Most people mistakenly believe that wisdom teeth must always be removed. While the majority of dental patients with wisdom teeth do have them taken out, it is not always a necessity. When you visit the highly-trained dental team at Leidenheimer Dental Group Inc. in Elyria, OH, your wisdom teeth will be watched closely from day one to look for any signs that wisdom teeth removal is in your best interest.

Dentists will often push for wisdom teeth removal when these teeth are first developing because they are well-aware of the numerous problems that wisdom teeth can cause in the future. For instance, it is very common for wisdom teeth to come in horizontally, causing damage to your other teeth.

If you prefer to wait on wisdom teeth removal until it is absolutely necessary, here are some signs to be on lookout for:


  • Gum Disease & Tooth Decay: If you previously had no signs of gum disease or tooth decay but are now experiencing symptoms, your wisdom teeth might be to blame. If wisdom teeth are not able to completely come in, this can cause the surrounding gum to grow over the part of tooth that has emerged. This gum flap can trap food particles and, consequently, harmful bacteria can then flourish under the gums. If left untreated, this can result in a serious gum infection and an emergency dentist visit.
  • Pawisdom-teeth-removal-elyria-ohin: If a wisdom tooth comes in crooked or facing the wrong direction, you can suffer very uncomfortable pain as it irritates your cheek, tongue, and mouth. Pain can also be a sign of an impacted wisdom tooth, which happens when your jaw has no room for the tooth, preventing the wisdom tooth from breaking through.
  • Overcrowding: Most people do not have any extra room in their mouth to accommodate wisdom teeth. If they are able to completely come in, this will usually result in the overcrowding of your teeth. Overcrowding can cause your teeth to move around, throwing your bite off and creating a host of other problems. Some issues associated with overcrowding include frequent biting of the tongue or inner cheeks, discomfort when chewing or biting, speech problems, and breathing through the mouth instead of the nose.


If you would like to learn more about wisdom teeth removal, contact Leidenheimer Dental Group today. Call (440) 324-3441 to schedule an appointment with this Elyria dentist office. You can also read more about their other services by visiting them online.

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