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Protect Your Home With These 5 Wildlife Control Tips August 17, 2016

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Protect Your Home With These 5 Wildlife Control Tips , Brewster, New York

Protecting your home from pests doesn’t have to be a full-time job. According to the pest control professionals from Westchester Wildlife in Brewster, NY, there are lots of easy ways for property owners to discourage animals from invading their space. 

If you’ve had issues with bats, skunks, raccoons, or other wildlife, implement these five preventative measures and regain control over your property: 

  • Eliminate Gaps Under Decks & Porches: Many homeowners have issues with feral cats, possums, and even woodchucks living under their decks and porches. Patio blocks and trench screening can completely eliminate the space under your deck or porch, making it impossible for animals to get in. 
  • wildlife controlSecure Your Vents: Birds, bats, squirrels, and chipmunks love to make themselves at home in vents. According to Westchester Wildlife, there are many products on the market designed specifically to keep creatures out of your ridge, sewer, and weep vents. 
  • Cap Your Chimney: Preventing raccoons, squirrels, and bats from setting up a home in your chimneys is an easy wildlife control job. Just cap your chimney, which you can do yourself if you’re handy, or outsource to a chimney professional if you’re not. 
  • imageLock Your Trash: Leaving your trash unlocked is an invitation for scavengers like raccoons, possums, and rats to dig through your garbage. Simply locking your trash cans can work wonders for residential and commercial wildlife control. 
  • Trim Your Property: Your property doesn’t have to look like a perfectly manicured golf course at all times, but if you take care to trim your trees regularly and eliminate brush near your home, you’ll notice a steep decrease in uninvited wildlife like deer, rabbits, and snakes. 

If unwanted animals continue to be a problem, schedule an appointment for wildlife control services from Westchester Wildlife. To find out more about preventative pest control and wild animal removal, call (914) 760-5713 or visit them online now.

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