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Home Makeover: 6 Dazzling Roof Installations to Transform Your House August 16, 2016

Kew Gardens, Queens
Home Makeover: 6 Dazzling Roof Installations to Transform Your House, Queens, New York

For all the wear and tear a roof takes during its lifetime, choosing the right type can make a world of difference when it comes to factors like leak protection and style. For 46 years, JCHome Roofs and Sidings in Fresh Meadows, N,Y has been the premier roof installation expert for homes and businesses throughout the New York City area.

Price, climate, durability, maintenance, and how the structure complements your house are just a few factors to take into consideration when selecting a roof design. The professional roof installation team at JCHome Roofs and Sidings offers the following style choices to consider:

  • Curved: This unique roof type is typically made from steel, and its features are designed to provide strong drainage channels. Homeowners may also like the structure’s architectural shape.
  • Domed: With the ability to offer a vaulted interior, domed roofs are commonly seen on high-end houses. Depending on the material and labor costs, this roof type can be expensive when compared to other styles.
  • Flat: Installing a flat roof tends to require the least amount of roofing material given its simplistic structure. Ask the residential roofing team at JCHome Roofs and Sidings about their waterproofing techniques to ensure proper drainage.
  • roof installationGabled: Suitable for many climates, a gabled roof’s construction offers a variety of benefits. With two sides that slope downward from a central ridge, the roof can be vented, built to prevent leaf and debris accumulation, and provide enough space for an attic.
  • Hipped: Resistance to wind and popular in warmer climates, a hipped roof’s design has four sides (two long and two short) that connect downward to a middle ridge. It also has overhanging eaves to provide shade from the sun and to steer away falling rain.
  • Mansard: This sloped, four-sided roof has a steep construction style that allows a homeowner the option of having additional living space underneath. Its design is similar to a hipped roof. If this roof catches your interest, talk to JCHome Roofs and Sidings about adding dormer windows.

Like jewelry and other accessories with an outfit, a roof can do wonders to complement a home or business. JCHome Roofs and Sidings knows how to strike a balance between accommodating its customers’ wishes while offering the most competitive pricing. They have nearly five decades of experience to back up their professional roof installation expertise.

If you’re looking to replace or repair your existing roof, give JCHome Roofs and Sidings a call today at (718) 261-1891 for a free consultation. You can also visit the company online and find their Facebook page for additional details on their roofing services.