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3 Surefire Maintenance Tricks From Hector’s Best Driveway Pavers August 16, 2016

Center, Pope
3 Surefire Maintenance Tricks From Hector’s Best Driveway Pavers, Center, Arkansas

Your asphalt driveway is the path beckoning visitors to your home or business, serving as a first impression before they even reach your front door. Welcome friends or customers with smooth, attractive asphalt from Arkansas’s finest driveway pavers. Serving communities from Smyrna to Russellville, Hector-based CR Asphalt, Paving and Construction is your source for flawless asphalt driveways that give the sleek impression you seek.

Locally owned and operated, this team of asphalt experts delivers top-notch workmanship backed by firsthand knowledge of the area’s particular conditions. As your paving contractor walks with you through your asphalt driveway, working with you to identify both issues and solutions, you’ll recognize right away that the path to your home or business is in competent, experienced hands.

Prevent problems with your asphalt driveway before they occur with these simple maintenance tips from their trusted driveway pavers:

3 Easy Asphalt Driveway Maintenance Tips                 

1. Fix Small Problems Fast

Driveway PaversThat minuscule crack or burgeoning pothole in your asphalt driveway may seem like nothing, but it can quickly expand into a big something. Water, weather, and wear and tear exacerbate small issues, creating fjords out of fissures. Routinely filling in or sealing up minor issues — or calling your driveway pavers to do so — will prevent serious hassle and expense down the line.

2. Make Resealing A Routine

Driveway sealing keeps water and debris out of your asphalt driveway, staving off the erosive power of man and nature alike. Depending on how much rough weather or heavy traffic it experiences, you should reseal your asphalt driveway every two to five years. As a rule of thumb, buy sealant or contact your driveway pavers when the finish begins to show signs of wear.

3. Keep It Clean

Maintain the aesthetics of your asphalt driveway by cleaning up spills as soon as they occur, as stains may cause permanent discoloration. Get in the habit of regularly power washing your driveway, as well, to remove stains and banish the buildup of damaging chemicals and debris.

Whether you’re resealing your driveway or didn’t catch that crevice in time, CR Asphalt, Paving and Construction is here to support all of your asphalt driveway maintenance efforts. Visit their website to see all the ways they can serve your residential and commercial asphalt needs, or call (479) 964-2744 to schedule a consultation today. 

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