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A Thayer Estate Planning Lawyer On 3 Reasons to Consider Estate Planning…Even If You're Not Elderly October 20, 2016

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A Thayer Estate Planning Lawyer On 3 Reasons to Consider Estate Planning…Even If You're Not Elderly, Thayer, Missouri

There's a popular myth that one needs to be elderly or infirm in order to draw up a will, trust, or make other provisions for an estate. In reality, anyone of any age can make estate plans, and it is a wise idea to do so. Attorney Jennifer Hyde Crask of Crask Law Firm, LLC, is an estate planning lawyer serving South-Central Missouri and Northern Arkansas from her office in Thayer, MO.

Here, Crask discusses three reasons to consider estate planning even if you are not elderly:

  • estate-planning-lawyer-missouriPeace Of Mind: Knowing your estate is taken care of and your loved ones are provided for can give you considerable peace of mind at any age. Your wills, trusts, and other documents ensure your legacy is carried out in the ways you desire, and that all of the individuals and institutions that mean the most to you will be remembered long after you're gone. Your estate planning lawyer at Crask Law Firm, LLC, will help you design all the documentation you need to guarantee your wishes are carried out.
  • Less Stress For Your Loved Ones: Grief is often recognized as the most difficult of life's transitions. When you draw up your will, trust, and other estate plans now, you are saving your loved ones significant stress further down the road. You've already made the big decisions, and your loved ones can have the space and resources to grieve and heal. Consider it one last gift to those you love.
  • The Unpredictability Of Life: As much as we hope to live healthily and happily to a ripe old age, the universe might have other plans. And these plans, unfortunately, are rarely revealed to us until it is too late. With time offering no guarantees, designing your estate plans now can take care of your family and friends in the event of your premature departure.

Considering your estate plans today will help make sure you are remembered for generations to come. Call Crask Law Firm, LLC, at (417) 264-3400 to schedule a consultation with an estate planning lawyer. You can also visit the firm online to learn more about Crask and the legal services she offers.