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3 Excellent Tips for Buying Hotel Bedding Sheets August 19, 2016

Mason, Warren
3 Excellent Tips for Buying Hotel Bedding Sheets, Mason, Ohio

If you are in charge of hotel bedding purchases, you should know that purchasing good sheets for your guests means knowing more than just the thread count. DOWNLITE knows how important sheets and other bedding pieces are to getting a good night’s sleep. That’s why they manufacture all of their items, including comforters and pillows, from the finest fabrics and goose down.

Before you make your next hotel bedding sheet purchase, here is a helpful guide to improve the quality of the sheets you receive:

  • Weave: The type of weave used to make your sheets will impact the way they feel and look, not to mention their lifespan and price. Plain weaves, which are typically the least expensive and may not be mentioned on the label, are woven from an equal number of vertical and horizontal yarns. Percale weaves are similar to plain weaves but tend to have a higher thread count (180 or higher). They also tend to last for a much longer time and have a crisp feel. Sateen weaves will have more vertical than horizontal yarns, which makes the sheets incredibly soft; however, this also makes them more likely to tear than plain weaves. Intricate weaves will often have textures and might feel coarser than other weave types. Also, even though they are as durable as plain weaves, intricate weaves are made on special looms, making them much more expensive.  hotel bedding
  • Thread Count: While the importance of thread count has been overly inflated, it does still play a role in the quality of sheets. In basic terms, thread count is the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. People inflate this number by adding threads called “picks” into the weft (horizontally woven threads), but this does not improve the quality of the sheets. Usually, a thread count between 500-600 is the ideal number to look for.
  • Location: Where cotton is grown and where the sheets were weaved do play an important role in their quality. Believe all the hype you’ve ever heard about Egyptian cotton because the best cotton is grown in Egypt, followed closely by pima cotton grown in the Southwestern United States. However, Italy has some of the best weavers on the planet, so sheets made there will always be a safe bet.

If you want your guests to sleep on the very best hotel bedding, contact DOWNLITE today about their sheet options, comforters, and pillows. Call (866) 931-3696 to speak with one of their knowledgeable staff members. You can also place an order directly by visiting this bedding company online, and stay up-to-date on all their new products by following them on Facebook.