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NYC's Security Experts Urge You to Take a Good Look at Your Locks August 15, 2016

New York, New York
NYC's Security Experts Urge You to Take a Good Look at Your Locks, New York, New York

Any locksmith will tell you the window and door locks on your home are the first line of defense against burglary and loss of property. The experts at Omega Lock & Security Professionals urge New York City residents to examine their locks to make sure they are getting the best possible home security. Here are some things they want homeowners to understand about basic security measures.

If a potential burglar wants to get into a house, they aren’t going to be stopped by a simple knob lock. Call a locksmith for lock replacement services — they will install a deadbolt for added security, and also identify possible weak points and suggest other security measures. A deadbolt is a good deterrent but can be rendered useless by improper installation, so make sure to have it done by a professional.

New-York-NY-locksmithWindows should have more than one style of lock. If a window is secured by a single latch and is accessible from the ground, it will only delay a break-in, so the installation of clamp locks or other secondary locks is important. Sliding glass doors also should receive extra attention; they are a favorite target for intruders because they usually are in the back of a house, away from prying eyes. Improper lock installation can make it possible for a burglar to pop the door out of the frame with minimal effort, but the addition of a simple door pin can prevent this. 

Keys and locks should be changed whenever you move into a new house. There’s no telling who has an extra copy of the keys, so calling a locksmith in for new lock installation should be your first step after buying a home.

If you’re worried about home security, call Omega Lock & Security Professionals on New York's Upper East Side at (212) 348-3333. Visit their website to learn more about their work, including residential, commercial, and 24-hour locksmith services, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more information. 

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