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3 Reasons to Hire a Maritime Lawyer in Alaska August 12, 2016

Juneau, Juneau
3 Reasons to Hire a Maritime Lawyer in Alaska, Juneau, Alaska

When you are involved in an incident on waterways, you need a maritime lawyer to protect your rights. The team at Choate Law Firm LLC in Juneau, AK, discuss times that require a maritime lawyer’s skill and knowledge. Alaskan state law and federal maritime or admiralty laws such as the Jones Act govern these and other situations. 

Here are a few instances where a maritime lawyer’s advice and representation is highly needed:

  • Personal Injury & Property Damage On Waterways: People who suffer personal injuries during an Alaskan cruise need a maritime lawyer to represent their interests. If a pleasure boat collides with another during a Big Lake trip, or while docking at an Alaskan harbor, a maritime lawyer is the professional to handle any property damage and personal injury claims.
  • maritime lawyerWatercraft Employment: The Jones Act protects people who work aboard cruise ships, tugboats, commercial fishing vessels, and other watercraft when they are injured or become ill in the course of their employment. Similar to workers’ compensation, the law requires employers to compensate their qualifying seamen, including for their medical and living expenses. Maritime lawyers analyze court decisions to determine whether individuals qualify under the law’s definition of seamen.
  • Wrongful Death Of Seamen: Unlike workers’ compensation, the Jones Act permits seamen and their families to sue employers and owner of marine vessels for a worker’s injury or wrongful death. These seamen and families need a skilled maritime lawyer to pursue their right of action for casualties due to drowning, hypothermia, and faulty equipment.

Since 1980, Choate Law Firm LLC has represented individuals effectively in maritime law cases throughout Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii. Their skilled and compassionate attorneys know how to get the best result in Jones Act cases and other maritime matters.

Whether you are a commercial fishing industry worker, a longshoreman, a cruise ship employee, or a watercraft passenger, seek counsel from a maritime attorney at Choate Law Firm LLC. Call (907) 586-4490 for an appointment, and visit their website for more information. You can also find the legal team on Facebook.