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Preferred Dental Care: Doctors Stand Up for Parental Rights May 21, 2012

Chelsea, Manhattan
Preferred Dental Care: Doctors Stand Up for Parental Rights, Manhattan, New York

As a parent, you should take an active role in your children’s health. During their development, they rely on you to provide the right resources and assistance to ensure that they lead balanced and healthy lives. While this is of the utmost importance in early childhood development, the problem that most parents face is knowing when to step in and take a more proactive role with medical procedures.

Dr. Kamdar and Dr. Trivedi at Preferred Dental Care are deeply committed to open communication and treating health as a family affair. As local activists for early childhood dental hygiene and health, Doctors Shilpa Trivedi and Raj Kamdar took on the fight to protect parents' and children's rights by advocating the implementation of written parental consent for mental health screening in schools.

After reading about a recent incident regarding a teen screened without parental consent, misdiagnosed and consequently falsely institutionalized for five months, the doctors became interested in her case. They soon discovered that not only did the school give permission for the student’s procedure (taking the parents out of the loop), but she was also given a false diagnosis that led to her being instutionalized.

Situations such as this one can be alarming for many parents, and should be avoided at all costs. By taking an active role in your child’s health, you can stay informed on how to prevent instances like this case with expert help, advice, and assistance. To combat issues such as this, Dr. Kamdar helped to provide awareness to United States House of Representatives in a bill titled, “The Parental Consent Act of 2011” (HR 2769).

“They ask for parental consent for kids to have field trips, so why not this?” said Dr. Trivedi. “As a mother, I am very interested in children and know that a parent has the right to choose what’s best for their children. If those sorts of things can happen to one person it could happen to anyone. This is when I decided that something must be done about it.”

Dr. Trivedi has identified written parental consent for mental health screening in schools as a start, and something all parents could take action on to maintain their rights.

Dr. Trivedi is also an active member of the community and regularly volunteers with human rights organizations such as Youth for Human Rights, The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, The Way to Happiness Foundation, and the Second Chance Program.

Maintaining your child's health is easier than you think. The key is to stay in the know with the right information from health professionals. To learn out more about how you can impact your child's overall health development in a positive way, visit Preferred Dental Care

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