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4 Reasons to Buy Pillow Protectors for Your Down Pillows August 12, 2016

Mason, Warren
4 Reasons to Buy Pillow Protectors for Your Down Pillows, Mason, Ohio

If you’re like most Americans, you probably try to get by with washing your sheets as infrequently as possible, and you have likely never even washed your down pillows. Underneath their pillowcases, though, your pillows are collecting sweat, dust mites, skin cells, and pet dander. Protect your family from bacteria and allergens by ordering pillow protectors online from DOWNLITE. They provide shipping nationwide and will take care of all your bedding needs.

Here are four reasons to use pillow protectors on your down pillows:

  • They Keep Pillows Clean: Few people realize that their pillows are home to bacteria and fungal spores or that washing their pillowcases does little to help. With a pillow protector, though, you can prevent bacteria from accumulating on the very place where you rest your head every night.
  • They Reduce Allergens: Like bacteria, dust mites and other allergens can build up on your pillow. Using a pillow protector and washing it frequently will prevent this from happening.
  • down pillowsThey Keep Bed Bugs At Bay: Bed bugs are everywhere: in gyms, hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals, and even on public transportation. And once they get in your pillow, they are virtually impossible to get out. That’s why DOWNLITE sells pillow protectors that are certified bed bug proof.
  • They Save Money Over Time: When you protect your pillow from bed bugs, bacteria, and allergens, you’re also protecting it from regular wear and tear. A pillow protector extends the life of your pillow, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck and saving you money over time.

If you want to protect your down pillows—or replace the ones you’ve had for years—check out the DOWNLITE website for quality bedding that’s designed to last. And if you have any questions about caring for your bedding, call (866) 931-3696 to talk to an expert today.