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Invisalign Ensures A Straight Smile at Any Age August 27, 2012

Chelsea, Manhattan
Invisalign Ensures A Straight Smile at Any Age, Manhattan, New York

While many people picture braces as a symbol of those awkward teenage years, the reality is many adults are interested in straightening their teeth too. It is fairly typical to deal with unsightly metal braces as a young child, but as an adult it can be quite embarrassing to smile with a mouth full of wires. Luckily, adults can turn to clear braces like Invisalign provided by top dentists at Preferred Dental Care.

Having a beautifully straight smile doesn’t have to be as detrimental as people may believe. With the use of clear braces like Invisalign, clients can have a new smile in less time, without anyone ever noticing.

Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are each custom designed to slowly adjust the teeth every two weeks. A 3-D computer imaging technology photographs the teeth to determine the desired final position. Virtually painless, clear braces allow adults to go on with their normal, daily lives, eating and drinking whatever and whenever they want. Simply remove the aligner during meals and slip them back in without anyone being the wiser.

Perfectly convenient for the busy lifestyle of a working adult, Invisalign requires less maintenance than regular metal braces. While regular braces require a visit to the orthodontist every six weeks for an adjustment, patients can easily change their aligners every two weeks, thereby adjusting their teeth more frequently.

The desire for perfectly straight teeth never really goes away, and with clear braces like Invisalign, adults can feel confident about their smile. For more information on specific treatment plans, or painless cavity fillings, please consult the dentists at Preferred Dental Care.

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