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AK Auto Repair Shop Offers Clean Car Advice August 5, 2016

Anchorage, Anchorage County
AK Auto Repair Shop Offers Clean Car Advice, Anchorage, Alaska

Giving your car the best possible care is a combination of basic maintenance tasks you can handle on your own and more advanced help when things go wrong. Having a skilled auto repair shop on your side will allow you to keep your car on the road for the long haul. Dean's Automotive Service Center of Anchorage, AK, has emerged as the region’s most trusted auto body shop. Whether you need a tire rotation or have a problem with your brakes, these professionals know how to diagnose and fix all types of car issues. 

auto repair shopAs experts in automobiles, the staff at Dean's Automotive Service Center also has a wealth of knowledge about how to clean your vehicle and leave it looking great. When thinking about the exterior of your car, one of the best things you can do is wax the surface. A layer of wax will shield your paint from damage, help prevent corrosion, and leave the metal with a wonderful sheen. After acquiring a good quality wax, shake the bottle and rub it into the metal surface of your car with a foam applicator. After about a minute of letting the wax set, begin buffing with a towel. Anchorage’s best auto repair shop recommends going section by section. 

A well-kept car should also have a clean interior. To start with, Dean's Automotive Service Center suggests clearing out all of the trash that might be scattered along the floor and seats. After removing the floor mats as well, begin vacuuming all surfaces including the seats. If you have any vinyl spaces on the inside of your car, use a rag and vinyl cleaner to address these areas. Next, use Windex or a related product to clean the dashboard, the windows, and the inside of your windshield. 

While cleanliness and presentation are valuable, they are only one aspect of keeping your car in great condition. If your vehicle is malfunctioning in any way, don’t hesitate to call the mechanics at Dean's Automotive Service Center. You can reach the auto body shop by calling (907) 276-5731. To learn more about the shop’s full suite of services, feel free to check out their website

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