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5 Hair Care Tips to Tame Frizzy Manes August 12, 2016

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5 Hair Care Tips to Tame Frizzy Manes, Waterford, Connecticut

The way your hair falls every day can practically make or break your mood—isn’t a “good hair day” what everyone wishes for, all the time? But if your hair is susceptible to humidity, frizziness can be your worst enemy. Luckily, there are several hair care strategies to combat it.

At Act One Hair Design, a favorite hair salon among Quaker Hill, CT, residents, the hairstylists outline their top five tips for getting frizz-free and fabulous hair:

  • Emphasize Conditioner: Whenever you wash your hair, make sure you don’t just shampoo. Leave time for the conditioner round. Conditioners, especially those containing glycerin, put moisture in your hair so that it doesn’t frizz up your locks. Hairstylists also recommend using only conditioner twice a week on your hair, without shampoo, to maintain your hair’s natural oils that keep it hydrated.
  • Go Easy On Blow Drying: A general hair care tip that’s especially important for keeping the frizz far away, is to let your hair air dry as much as possible before blow drying it. Minimal extra heat on your hair will keep it from dehydrating. Use a dryer to simply straighten it as a final touch once your hair has mostly dried naturally.
  • Hair CareUse Hair Products: You can use various hair products to help ease the frizz. Dry oils block liquids from entering your hair, while cream hydrators and diffusers can also help retain moisture. Portable products like spray serums or lotions also keep your hair under control when you’re on the go.
  • Regular Brushing: Brushing your hair is probably one of the very first hair care tips you ever learned, and it remains a valuable one! Brushing helps natural oils spread evenly throughout your hair, which keeps frizziness away. Hairstylists suggest brushing while flipping your hair upside-down for optimal effects.
  • Sleep Like Royalty: Tie your hair up and wrap it in a silk scarf before hitting the hay. The silk material maintains hair hydration and blocks out the moisture-sucking material of your cotton pillow. Not to mention, it’ll feel luxurious!

For more tricks on fighting frizzy hair, or to make an appointment with one of Quaker Hill’s best hair salons, contact Act One Hair Design at 860-447-1513 or visit their website. You can also like them on Facebook for the latest tips and updates.

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