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Hawaii's Experts Offer Fishing Kayak Safety Tips August 11, 2016

Diamond Head - Kapahulu - St. Louis, Honolulu
Hawaii's Experts Offer Fishing Kayak Safety Tips , Honolulu, Hawaii

Taking a fishing kayak out for a spin is a great, relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii. Of course, having the best possible experience involves knowing how to stay safe. The team at Go Bananas Watersports, based in Honolulu and Aiea, doesn’t offer just kayak rentals and kayaks for sale. They also provide important safety tips, ensuring that their customers know everything they need to in order have fun out on the water.

To make sure you stay safe in your fishing kayak, Go Bananas Watersports recommends keeping the following in mind:

  • Fishing-KayakWear Your Life Vest: While some think simply having a life vest stored in the hatch of a fishing kayak will be helpful in the case of an emergency, it’s much smarter to wear your life vest at all times while on the water. This will ensure that you never have trouble getting to your life vest should you ever need it.
  • Check The Forecast: A beautiful morning does not guarantee the rest of the day will be safe for fishing. Every time you head out, check the weather forecast for your fishing area ahead of time to make sure you’re not caught in a surprise storm.
  • Practice Getting Into & Out Of Your Kayak: Taking a seat in a fishing kayak is nothing like simply hopping in a car. Moving slowly and steadily each time is a key safety habit to keep in mind. Even though kayaks are essentially safe vehicles, they’re still water vessels. You shouldn’t just jump in the seat carelessly.

Luckily, staying safe on a fishing kayak isn’t difficult. As long as you practice basic precautions, you’ll have an excellent experience every time you take yours out. To learn more about kayak safety or to see the best selection of kayaks for sale in the area, stop by Go Bananas Watersports, located in Honolulu and Aiea. Check out their website for more info or call (808) 737-9514.

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