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Double the Size of Your Home With Innovative Basement Remodeling & Home Additions September 2, 2016

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Double the Size of Your Home With Innovative Basement Remodeling & Home Additions, Rockford, Illinois

When it comes to interior space, most homeowners are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their square footage and use it to its full potential. With the design solutions and renovation ideas of New Leaf Remodeling in Rockford, IL, it's easier than you think to fulfill that search by doubling the size of your home.

If you've run out of ways to consolidate clutter and extend the breadth of your current space, take advantage of these innovative home addition concepts:

  • basement remodelingBasement Remodeling: For some homeowners, doubling the size of a home is as easy as taking advantage of an entire floor of unused square footage. Instead of pretending like it doesn't exist, finish your underground escape with custom basement remodeling services that take it from a dusty den to a sprawling living space fit for kids and adults alike.
  • Adding an Office: For others, such a major increase in available space isn't possible and has to be done through multiple, smaller renovations. With the help of New Leaf Remodeling, you can expand your property with the addition of a home office. As a quiet place to think and make phone calls away from loud noises and household responsibilities, this home addition is the perfect solution for those that are committed to their work. 
  • Add a Workout Room: It can also be a great idea to combine your office renovation with the addition of a workout room—a space solely dedicated to letting you burn off some steam. Take this opportunity to customize your room however you like, selecting the perfect floors, mirrors, and fixtures with help from an expert designer at New Leaf Remodeling.

No matter what suits you best, finding transformative solutions through basement remodeling and home additions is what this renovation company does best. Call New Leaf Remodeling at (815) 904-6006 to speak to a friendly team member today, or visit the New Leaf Remodeling website for more information on their wide range of home improvement services.

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