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Discover the Benefits of Non-Owner Auto Insurance August 11, 2016

Avon Lake, Lorain
Discover the Benefits of Non-Owner Auto Insurance, Avon Lake, Ohio

Even if you don't own a car, auto insurance is still a legal requirement by the state of Ohio. A special policy called non-owner auto insurance will help protect you in certain instances, even if you don’t have your own vehicle. Bob Allen Insurance Agency of Avon Lake, OH, will help you decide if this type of policy is right for you.

Here are three instances in which you should consider getting a non-owner auto insurance policy: 

  • If You Have Ever Had A DUI: If you have ever been convicted of a DUI, you might need to fill out certain forms to prove you have car insurance before getting your driver's license back. If you do not own a car, a non-owner policy can be used instead to get your license reinstated.
  • ohio-auto-insuranceIf You Use Car-Sharing Services: Since the year 2000, car-sharing services like Zipcar and car2go have exploded in popularity. If you use these services on a regular basis, a non-owner insurance policy can supplement the liability coverage that car-sharing services provide. Uber & Lyft do not fall into this category. They require commercial insurance. 
  • If You Borrow Vehicles Regularly: If you don't own a car but you borrow one from a friend or relative on a regular basis, you should consider getting non-owner auto insurance. This type of policy would add further protection if you get into an accident and the liability limits on your friend's or family member's car have been exceeded.

Most insurance companies sell non-owner auto insurance. To get the best rate, call Bob Allen Insurance Agency in Avon Lake at (440) 933-5223 and ask for a quote. When you work with an independent agent, you can compare insurance rates and coverage from a wide range of carriers, making sure you get the best policy for your needs. Find out more about all of their insurance options by visiting the website.