New Haven, Connecticut

Opie's World - Tap Into NatureNew Haven, New Haven, CT, Connecticut

Valid from August 17, 2016 to August 17, 2016
Opie's World - Tap Into Nature, New Haven, Connecticut

The Claire C. Bennitt Recreation Program offers this yearly unique opportunity to learn about the environment in a fun, safe, and hands-on setting.  Event activities, suitable for children ages three to 12, include learn how to fish, crafting with nature, breaking open rocks to unveil crystals and a scavenger hunt. Attendees will also learn how to determine the age and growth of a tree through tree ring tales and create leaf prints. All children will also receive a free drawstring backpack to carry home the crafts that they design. The RWA owns over 27,000 acres of watershed and aquifer land some of which is use for recreational purposes.

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