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Alaska's Steam Cleaning Pros Share Residential Carpet Cleaning Tips August 9, 2016

Kalifornsky, Kenai Peninsula
Alaska's Steam Cleaning Pros Share Residential Carpet Cleaning Tips , Kalifornsky, Alaska

Carpets add comfort and warmth to a home, but they must be maintained on a regular basis to remain in good condition and aesthetically appealing. Utilizing effective residential carpet cleaning methods will keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh much longer than those that are neglected. Mizera’s Steamway has been the leading carpet cleaning service in Kenai, AK, since 1984. They specialize in a variety of home cleaning services, but when it comes to preserving carpets, there’s no one that homeowners trust more.

They offer valuable residential carpet cleaning tips to help your carpet stay beautiful and last longer:

  • Kenai-AK-residential-carpet-cleaningVacuum Regularly: Frequent vacuuming  is a major key in residential carpet cleaning. It picks up dirt and dust particles before they can settle deep into carpet fibers. Vacuuming at least once a week is recommended, but some households require more, depending on children and pets.
  • Deal With Spills Right Away: To keep stains from setting, it’s essential to clean up spills as soon as they happen. Soak up as much of the liquid as possible, then use a solution of white vinegar and water to treat the spot. Blot with a towel, taking care not to rub, before rinsing with plain water.
  • Use Mats: Placing mats strategically at all the entrances to your home will minimize the amount of dirt, grime, and allergens that are tracked in. Have everyone wipe the bottoms of their shoes thoroughly before entering.
  • Change Air Filters Often: Carpets can be traps for dust and pollutants. If the air filters in your heating and cooling system aren’t changed as often as recommended, particles will accumulate in the carpet and create poor indoor air quality.

Along with consistently scheduled service from a professional carpet cleaner, these steps are essential to residential carpet cleaning and preservation. Contact Mizera’s Steamway at (907) 283-3229, or visit them online for more information, including helpful tips and a list of their services.

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