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3 Things to Look for in Soil When Picking Up Your Landscaping Materials August 9, 2016

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3 Things to Look for in Soil When Picking Up Your Landscaping Materials, North Corbin, Kentucky

Considering the hard work and devotion that landscaping entails, it’s easy to see a finished project as a work of art. According to Surplus Sales, who has served clients in the Corbin, KY, area for more than 6 years, one of the most important landscaping materials is soil. Drawing on their extensive experience, they can help determine whether a certain spot would benefit more from topsoil, sand, or gravel.

They offer these three tips to pick the right soil for your garden:

  • Plant Types: Different species of plants necessitate certain types of soils to receive proper nourishment and growth. Since sandy soils don’t absorb much water, they are ideally suited for evergreen shrubs, which can survive without constant hydration. If you want a more durable and reinforced base for planting trees, consider selecting clay-based soil options. This soil type is known to provide a habitable environment for trees like oak, elm, and maple.Corbin-KY-Landscaping-materials
  • Local Soil: One key factor that will impact your choice of soil type is the condition of the current soil in the area. To determine the nature of your dirt, you can conduct a number of DIY tests that require you to observe the color and texture of the soil carefully. While rich, brown soil indicates a right mix of organic matter, a reddish tinge shows there are traces of growth-hampering iron present in the soil. To enhance fertility, you may need to combine topsoil, clay, and sand with compost and mulch.
  • Erosion Issues: If water and wind erosion is a serious problem where you live, it will affect your choice of soil. Typically, sand is more susceptible to erosion and is not recommended for areas where there’s a greater fear of soil loss. Clay can also be eroded by water, but usually fares well in strong, windy weather. To add strength to clay’s larger particles, Surplus Sales advises their clients to avoid using chemically enhanced fertilizers and gardening products. They suggest using organic agents like jute, mulch, and compost to enrich the soil naturally.

Get your DIY project started with an excellent selection of soils and other landscaping materials available at Surplus Sales. They have a thorough understanding of the soil types in Kentucky and can guide you through their inventory to help you make the right choice. For further information about their landscaping materials, visit their website. You can also call their Corbin location at (606) 523-9730, 

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