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Top Kalispell Agency: The Benefits of Renters Insurance Coverage August 9, 2016

Kalispell, Flathead
Top Kalispell Agency: The Benefits of Renters Insurance Coverage, Kalispell, Montana

As a renter, many people believe their personal property is protected under their landlord's homeowners insurance policy, but they are sadly mistaken. This is why The Insurance Exchange, the premier insurance agency in Kalispell, MT, encourages renters to purchase renters insurance coverage to protect themselves against catastrophic loss in the event of a fire or other emergency.

As the most trusted and experienced agency in northwest Montana, they provide customers in Finley Point, Hungry Horse, Batavia, Creston, Whitefish, and other areas of the Flathead Valley with the most valuable insurance advice and red carpet customer care.

Some of the important benefits of renters insurance include the following:

  • Disaster Protection: If your rental property or home is damaged or destroyed in a tornado, hailstorm, or fire, renters insurance coverage protects you against the loss or damage of personal property. However, flood, hurricane, and volcano insurance usually must be purchased separately as "riders."
  • Personal Injury Liability: If a guest slips, trips, or otherwise suffers an injury in your home due to your negligence, you might find yourself liable for medical costs. Renters insurance protects you against personal liability for these injuries at a reasonable monthly or yearly premium.
  • Damage You Cause: If you cause unintentional damage, such as accidentally breaking a window, which leads to water or other property damage, renters insurance coverage protects you against the costs of repairs. Note that it does not indemnify you against the cost of repairing the results of intentional damage.
  • Theft: Your landlord is usually not responsible for losses due to theft or burglary, so renters insurance coverage is valuable in high or medium crime areas.

The Insurance Exchange, the most trusted and reliable insurance agency in Kalispell, MT, is dedicated to helping customers make informed decisions about all types of insurance coverage. They take the time to find out exactly what you need and recommend policies tailored to your lifestyle. Visit them online to request a free quote or file a claim. If you prefer to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable professional about your renters, business, auto, or homeowners insurance coverage needs, call (406) 756-2500.  

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