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Avoid Windshield Replacement: How to Stop Cracks From Spreading August 24, 2016

Cincinnati, Hamilton
Avoid Windshield Replacement: How to Stop Cracks From Spreading, Cincinnati, Ohio

When a stray pebble bounces off the highway, strikes your windshield, and takes a chink out of the glass, don't ignore the damage. Fix the problem immediately to prevent the cracks from spreading. GlassPro, Inc., the premier auto glass repair professionals in Lawrenceburg, IN, explain below how to head off problems with your auto glass and avoid a full windshield replacement. GlassPro, Inc. serves individuals and businesses throughout greater Cincinnati, providing swift and reliable service, quality workmanship, and affordable rates.

Repair Cracks Less Than Six Inches Long

Windshield repairs should be completed on chinks less than one inch in diameter and on cracks that are less than six inches long. Once a fracture is longer than that, it can dramatically impair your ability to see the road in front of you. Moreover, longer cracks reduce windshield integrity, which could be hazardous at high speeds or in the event of a collision. Once cracks are longer than six inches, consider a complete windshield replacement for safety's sake.

Purchase A Windshield Repair Kit

windshield replacementA windshield repair kit contains everything you should need for successful auto glass repairs, including a windshield adapter and glass resin. The resin seals the glass against wind, rain, snow, and hail, reduces stress on the glass, and prevents the cracks from spreading, which could necessitate a full windshield replacement.

How To Complete Auto Glass Repairs

Using a 1/6-inch glass drill bit, drill a hole at the end of the crack (stop once you have penetrated through the first layer of glass) to prevent spreading. Apply the resin using the applicator, and seal the cracks and chinks. Once dried, the resin should be mostly imperceptible, and the cracks should be both stronger and less visible than before.

GlassPro, Inc., the most dependable and experienced auto glass repair company in Lawrenceburg, IN, offers speedy, courteous service at rates you can afford. They service all makes and models, foreign and domestic. Remember that you—not your insurance company—have the right to select the glass company of your choice. Visit them online, or call (513) 874-6559 to speak to a friendly professional about your windshield replacement needs today.

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