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The Top 4 Delicious Ingredients in Caribbean Food August 10, 2016

East New York, Brooklyn
The Top 4 Delicious Ingredients in Caribbean Food, Brooklyn, New York

From spicy curries to goat stew, Caribbean food offers a tempting variety of foods sure to excite every palate. Although traditional Caribbean dishes feature a unique blend of ingredients from African, Arab, and European cultures, several share many of the same vegetables, meats, and herbs. The Caribbean and soul food enthusiasts at Fusion East restaurant, located in Brooklyn, NY, explain which essential ingredients you can expect in Caribbean food.

These four ingredients are staples of Caribbean cuisine:

  • Callaloo: This West African vegetable dish is still a favorite in Jamaica, Dominica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Callaloo consists of leafy greens which are boiled into a thick stew. It can also include peppers, okra, coconut milk, and different meats and seafood.
  • Caribbean FoodScotch Bonnet Peppers: These peppers are one of the spiciest varieties around, up to 140 times spicier than a mild jalapeño pepper. Scotch bonnet peppers are frequently used in Caribbean food, including Jamaican curry chicken and different sauces.
  • Allspice: This spice is a staple ingredient in Caribbean cooking, used in many dishes including jerk seasoning and traditional Jamaican beef patties. Also known as a Jamaican pepper, it is made from berries of the Jamaican bayberry tree.
  • Plantains: This versatile fruit is often mistaken for a banana, but unlike a banana it is always cooked before it is eaten. Many Caribbean dishes feature plantains, which can be eaten for any meal during the day and prepared either as a main or a side dish.

The friendly staff at Fusion East restaurant is excited to tempt you with their delicious Caribbean and soul food dishes. Give them a call at (718) 975-5065 to make a lunch or dinner reservation, or visit them online to view their sumptuous dessert and drink menus.

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