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Foot & Ankle Specialists Give Advice on How to Deal With Hammertoes August 8, 2016

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Foot & Ankle Specialists Give Advice on How to Deal With Hammertoes, Blue Ash, Ohio

A hammertoe is a condition where a toe curls downward as a result of arthritis, injury, heredity, or wearing ill-fitting footwear. Fortunately, this condition is treatable. The experts at Foot & Ankle Specialists in Blue Ash, Ohio, offer comprehensive and state-of-the-art care for foot and ankle disorders. Their staff strives to remain the best in foot and ankle diagnostics treatment with their rigorous medical and surgical training so you can be sure to receive the best foot pain treatment.

Here are some things you can do to prevent and relieve the pain caused by hammertoes:

  • imageWear Comfortable Shoes: Instead of wearing narrow, pointy, high-heeled shoes, opt for flat shoes that are slightly bigger than your foot size so that there's plenty of room for your toes. This will also reduce the pressure on your toes and ankle. Comfortable footwear with good arch support will also help prevent hammertoes from worsening.
  • Perform Toe Exercises: To prevent your toes from bending, professionals suggest doing toe exercises to keep the muscles on your toes flexible and strong. Massage your feet and gently stretch your toes to keep the tendons and muscles relaxed.
  • Consult A Professional Podiatrist: Hammertoes can cause a great deal of pain. Sometimes DIY remedies won't work, especially when the condition is severe. If this is the case, you’ll need to consult a podiatrist to help you determine the necessary treatment. Sometimes they will recommend that you undergo surgery to straighten out your toe. The surgery may involve removing a portion of bone from your toe to fix the condition.

If you’re suffering from hammertoes, ankle sprain, or bunions, consult a reputable foot care specialist. Schedule an appointment today with Foot & Ankle Specialists. Call them at (513) 769-4408, or visit their website to learn more about their state-of-the-art podiatric services.

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