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Fall Prep for Your Bike: Tips From Fairfield's Motorcycle Insurance Experts August 5, 2016

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Fall Prep for Your Bike: Tips From Fairfield's Motorcycle Insurance Experts, Fairfield, Ohio

Although it seems summer just got here, fall is already around the corner, which means it's time to start getting ready to prep your motorcycle for the winter. 1st Choice Insurance, Fairfield, OH's motorcycle insurance experts, has some tips for taking care of your bike this fall.

Every fall, it's important to:

  • Check The Fluids: Gas it up to avoid having fuel evaporate in the tank, and use a winter weight oil like 5W, which will help you start the bike up for next spring's riding season. If you're not going to ride for four months or longer, it's a good idea to drain the carburetor and fuel lines.
  • Take Out The Battery: Storing your bike means taking out the battery, and you should keep it charged throughout the winter.
  • motorcycle insuranceRust Treat The Exhaust & Mufflers: Even putting your bike away for just a few months can result in rust on exposed metal parts like the exhaust and mufflers. A thin coat of WD-40 sprayed into the end of the exhaust and drain holes will keep rust from developing, and covering the end will prevent moisture from getting in.
  • Cover It Up: A bike cover will shield your motorcycle from hail, snow, and sunlight, which can destroy the finish even in winter. Better still, keep your bike locked in the garage.
  • Check Your Motorcycle Insurance: You might think you're better off canceling your motorcycle insurance when your bike is in storage, but this tactic can actually raise your rates next year. Talk to your insurance agent about the options for your policy or raising your deductible to lower your costs year round.

1st Choice Insurance believes in offering insurance policies perfect for everyone, so whether you're a seasoned rider or just getting your first bike, they have the motorcycle insurance options you need. Visit their website to learn more about their unique approach, and then call (513) 860-0666 to get motorcycle insurance rates over the phone.

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