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3 Ways Dental Implants Will Improve Your Life   August 3, 2016

Valdosta, Lowndes
3 Ways Dental Implants Will Improve Your Life  , Valdosta, Georgia

At Kilby Family Dentistry in Valdosta, GA, they believe everyone should feel proud to smile. If you’re ashamed of your missing teeth, dental implants may help.

3 Benefits of Dental Implants

1. Better Speech

When you have missing teeth or loose dentures, it affects your ability to enunciate certain words. With dental implants, your speech will improve, and when you talk, it will sound like you do not have any missing teeth at all. Most people don’t realize just how much a speech impediment affects their self-image until they no longer have it. Once it goes away, though, you might find yourself brimming with confidence and no longer intimidated in social situations.

2. Improved Appearance

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, and unlike dentures, they are permanent fixtures in your mouth because they fuse with the jawbone. That means you will feel comfortable smiling at any time of the day or night regardless of who you’re with, since you will always have all of your teeth in.

3. Easier Chewing

Loose dentures make eating certaindental implants foods a challenge, but dental implants are as reliable as real teeth when it comes to eating. With dental implants, you no longer have to avoid your favorite foods or stick to soup when you go out with friends for fear of your dentures needing adjustments.

If you’re unhappy with your smile, turn to a cosmetic dentist at Kilby Family Dentistry in Valdosta, GA. From dental implants to teeth whitening, they have a variety of ways to improve your smile and your life. Visit their website to learn more about dental implants, and call (229) 247-0200 to schedule an appointment today.

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