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3 Easy Lawn Care Tips From Cincinnati’s Landscape Design Experts August 5, 2016

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3 Easy Lawn Care Tips From Cincinnati’s Landscape Design Experts, Springfield, Ohio

A lush, green lawn is the crowning accent of any home—and easy to achieve with the help of a lawn care service. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hamblins Tree and Landscape beautifies residential and commercial yards with a range of lawn care services, including landscape design, hardscapes, lawn mowing service, tree trimming, and stump removal. Once they’ve worked their magic on your lawn, there are several steps you can take to keep it in top-notch shape before their next visit. 

For the best results, follow their top three lawn care tips:

  • lawn careDon’t Shear Your Grass: Cutting your grass too short is highly damaging to its health. Not only does it make it harder for the grass to recover, but it also paves the way for weed growth. Adjust your mower blade to cut only the top third of the grass blade.
  • Sharpen Your Mower Blade: A sharp mower blade makes all the difference in lawn care. A dull blade tears the grass, which results in an imprecise edge and grayish-brown tone. To maintain a flawless green yard, sharpen your mower blade at least once a mowing season. 
  • Water In The Morning: Quench your lawn’s thirst by watering it, especially at the height of scorching summer temperatures. This is important not only for your grass, but also for landscape design such as gardens. The lawn care experts at Hamblins Tree and Landscape recommend watering early in the morning when the sun can naturally dry the grass. Nighttime watering leaves grass vulnerable to disease because there’s no opportunity for the moisture to evaporate.

Keep your lawn healthy, lush, and green in between professional lawn care services with proper maintenance. Explore Hamblins Tree and Landscape online to see how they can enhance your lawn with landscape design, lawn mowing service, and hardscapes. Call their Cincinnati office today at (513) 931-8733 to request a free estimate.

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