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Tacoma's Best Welder Explains the Benefits of TIG Welding August 5, 2016

Tacoma, Pierce
Tacoma's Best Welder Explains the Benefits of TIG Welding, Tacoma, Washington

Being a reliable welder involves specialized knowledge on various techniques and practices. At Brady’s Welding Specialties in Tacoma, WA, mobile welding professionals understand that different types of welding offer different benefits, depending on the nature of a job. They’ve been able to thrive for more than four decades because they’ve always provided service tailored specifically to the individual needs of their clients.

What A Good Welder Knows About TIG Welding

TIG welding, or tungsten inert gas welding, involves using a tungsten electrode to complete the weld. This type of welding is typically used on materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and copper alloys. Unlike other types of welding, it gives a skilled welder much more control over the weld area. Although it is a difficult process to learn, those with proper training and experience use it to deliver welds of superior quality, ensuring a strong, seamless bond between metals.

welderDue to the quality results that TIG welding provides, it is used in a wide variety of fields where reliability and safety are key. It’s commonly used in the building of space vehicles, but also plays a major role in the manufacture of bicycle parts. This reliability stems from the fact that this particular process allows a welder to use numerous filler materials, resulting in a weld that is equal in quality to its base metal. This allows for welds that are less likely to crack or corrode.

Knowing whether or not TIG welding is necessary for your project involves consulting with an experienced welder who can determine the type of welding best suited to your needs. At Brady’s Welding Specialties in Tacoma, WA, expert technicians offer a range of services designed for a variety of clients. To learn more about what they can do for you, visit them online, or call (253)475-4608 for a free quote.

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