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5 Steps to a Kitchen Remodeling Project August 3, 2016

Rochester, Monroe
5 Steps to a Kitchen Remodeling Project, Rochester, New York

Kitchen Remodeling can be an overwhelming project if you don’t know where to begin. From budgets to design elements, there are multiple components to consider. At the Webster, NY-based Arrow Kitchens & Bath, serving all of Monroe County, the family-run team can help you with all your kitchen remodeling needs.

Here are the main steps they recommend for planning your new kitchen:

  • kitchen remodelingDefine Your Kitchen Goals: To begin the remodeling process, think about what kind of meals are most commonly prepared in your kitchen, and how many people usually use it. Identify the main cook of the house and consider their height and preferred meal preparation methods. Think about how you shop for groceries and how you organize them in your kitchen cabinets. This will help you get a sense of what is important to you in a kitchen and what you need.
  • Set A Budget: Setting a budget can be one of the hardest parts of home remodeling. To change your kitchen layout without burning a hole in your wallet, do some research on prices by visiting showrooms or online resources. This can help you prioritize and direct you toward certain materials over others. Remember to budget for unforeseen issues during the kitchen remodeling process, like electrical or plumbing problems.
  • Draft A Design & Layout: Use your determined kitchen goals to help you with this step. If you see your kitchen as a place that’s usually occupied by just one person and is solely for preparing meals, the kitchen layout will be simpler and more functional. If your kitchen is a hub for family gatherings, or if you like to entertain often, you may want to include room for tables, countertops, and other appliances.
  • Consider Storage: Take stock of how you currently store pantry items and appliances in your kitchen. If you like to buy a lot of items to store at once, you’ll need to incorporate that habit into your kitchen remodeling plan. To make the most of your space, consider storage options beyond just traditional cabinets, such as floating shelves, extended wall cabinets, and pull-out drawers.
  • Make Hires: When the time comes to put the plan into action, it’s important to hire an architect, a plumber, and a contractor to help you bring your vision to life. They can provide advice on materials to use, point out red flags in your design concept, and execute professional service.

For more help with your kitchen remodeling plans, and to hire a full-service contractor that provides both electrical and plumbing services, call Arrow Kitchens & Bath at (585) 670-9910 or visit their website.

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