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Top 3 Reasons Why AmeriMail Recommends Laser Printing August 4, 2016

Rochester, Rochester, NY
Top 3 Reasons Why AmeriMail Recommends Laser Printing, Rochester, New York

Laser printing has become one of the most popular ways to create short run batches of documents that you need quickly and which look great.  Laser printing (digital printing) is time and cost effective when used properly. And here at AmeriMail, we recommend utilizing laser printing for your basic business needs. But when you need bigger projects tackled, AmeriMail has been providing Rochester-area businesses with effective and affordable direct mail services including offset, laser and inkjet printing for nearly two decades – not to mention Discount Postage!

Take a look at our top three reasons why laser printing may be right for your business:

  1. laser printingCost-Effectiveness: Although laser printers and cartridges are still more expensive than inkjet systems, they last much longer. The average laser printer can produce about 1,500 pages compared to about 150 from an inkjet printer. This reduces your cost per page when printing.

  2. Speed: Laser printers work by fusing ink powder to paper through heat and static electricity. This process is up to 50% faster than inkjet printing and results in ink that dries almost immediately. Choosing laser printing for your business or organization means your documents will always look sharp and legible, no matter how much you handle the pages.

  3. Efficiency: Laser printers are capable of handling any size print jobs due to their paper storage capacity and ability to create printed pages quickly and queue new pages without jamming. However they are most effectively used for small to medium size runs and when time is pressing. Remember that almost any size, properly prepared direct mail project is eligible for discount postage.

If you’ve been looking for a way to reach loyal customers and attract new ones, we can develop the perfect direct mail solution for you. Visit our website to learn more about our printing and discount postage services, and then call (585) 370-9419 or send us a message to request a free quote.